The Lion


My son plays baseball.

He was hit by a pitch.

In the chest.
He went down.
He was ok…..

The next at bat and for games thereafter he would step out of the batters box when the pitches came in. He would not swing. He was afraid.

I looked for ways to help him conquer his fear of being hit by the ball on the internet and we tried many things, none of which worked.

Until I remembered….

I related my story of overcoming fear to him.

” when I was a child,” I said to him, ” I used to be horribly afraid sometimes because of things I had no control over.” ” I saw a Lion on a nature show. It was such a fierce beast! I decided that when I was afraid I would not be myself but pretend I was that lion!”

“What are lions afraid of?” I asked him.

“Other lions.” he replied.

“Maybe,” I said. ” But are they afraid of a baseball?”

“No way !” He said.

I told him,”You don’t have to be a lion, you could be a dragon or whatever you want. The main thing is to become something that helps you overcome your fear.”

He said, ” I will be a tiger!”

“You WILL be a tiger my son, every time you are at bat.”

And he was…


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